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Lethe / Kuwayama Kiyoharu well known for finding intensely resonant spaces or charged atmospheres: abandoned warehouses, Shinto temples. For it's in those kind of super resonant spaces that Kuwayama has recorded his best works, the Catastrophe Point series; full of the empty rattle of abandoned industrial space, and the carefully constructed scrape and clang of objects found around each location. []

Kuwayama - Kijima _____ Kiyoharu Kuwayama (cello) and Rina Kijima (violin) are formidable players, and so well attuned to each other that their improvisations cannot be distinguished from highly complex compositions. With a particular interest in ambient sound, and locations that inspire improvisation, that can be worked with, they take advantage of the natural reverb of each location (under a bridge at night, an abandoned warehouse), and changing their position in it while playing create beautiful and charged performances[]

Lethe / Kuwayama Kiyoharu

1970 - born in Aichi, Nagoya City Japan

1988 - start sound works using daily junk, founded object with 1/2 violin and tapes

1995 &1996 - stay New York one month each on summer, performed at Nitting Factory, The Cooler,etc with sean meehan (per) and shiraishi tamio (sax,voice). session with member of No Neck Blues Band

1997 - group exhibition with two of visual artist Mizutani Izuru, Ishikawa Enju at disused warehouse, Kuwayama played 8 days performance with few guest musician.
- start printing "decalcomania" as practice for make sounds (until 2002)

1998 - established limited edition CD (CDR,Lathe Cut records) label "pale-disc "

1999 - start solo project "Lethe"
- start acoustic instrumental duo "kuwayama - kijima" (Kiyoharu Kuwayama / cello,violin,viola,etc - Rina Kijima / violin)
- organize "Lethe Voice Festival" (1999 - 2003) on disused grain warehouse Nagoya Sea Port.

2001 - kuwayama - kijima played "Media Select" -Nagoya- as guest player for Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang performance

2002 - participated international art exhibition (chicago, USA) Leif Elggren / paintings - Kwayama Kiyoharu / decalcomania - brent gutzeit / paintings
- kuwayama - kijima played as guest for Andreas Weixler & Se-Lien Chuang performance at International Symposium of Electronic Arts (artport Nagoya),
- kuwayama kiyoharu played as guest for Andreas Weixler performance "WAON" at International Symposium of Electronic Arts ( Aichi Art Center)

2003 - closed "Lethe Voice Festival"

2004 - visit europe(switzerland, france, italy) for recordings (for Lethe / Catastrophe Point #6, Lethe / Catastrophe Point #7,)

2005 - visit swiss for recordings
- Catastrophe point #6 (4 channel version) for Mizutani Isao(1922-2005) exhibition,

2006 - participated Insta 06 / Glasgow UK , kuwayama - kijima (cello ,violin) and Lethe (four steel tables,dryice performance)
- stay UK for solo recording (Lethe / Catastrophe Point #8,) and collaborate with jonathan coleclough. recording chris corsano (per,reeds) + kuwayama (violin, ceramic horn, harmonica) in Hamilton Mausoleum
- participated by "decalcomania video works" for "FO A RM FESTIVAL OF SOUND & VIDEO" portland USA
- sound workshop on Tatsuno Art Museum Nagano City

2012 - Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival - GHOSTS OF PUBLIC SPACES / ACTIONS! Montreal, Canada


selected Discography

Releases - Lethe / Kuwayama Kiyoharu
Lethe / Catastrophe Point 1 & 2 (double CD COS05.01) Swiss
Lethe / Catastrophe Point 3 (3 inch cd-r Locust Media ) USA
Lethe / Catastrophe Point 5 CD (int034) USA
Lethe / Catastrophe Point 7 & 8 double CD (ib 003) USA
Lethe / Catastrophe Point 6 CD (SR-001) JP
Jonathan Coleclough & Lethe / Long Heat CD (ICR43) UK
Kapotte Musiek & Lethe / Tsurumai CD (int025) USA
toy bizarre + lethe / kdi dctb 115a - 000731 (7 inch by 20 city) New zealand
kneale - kuwayama / bottom of the motorway (10 inch lathe cut record by pale - disc) JP
Leif Elggren - Kwayama Kiyoharu - brent gutzeit / International Art Exhibition (3 inch cdr by boxmedia) USA
Mizutani - Shimada - Kuwayama / Gambetta CD (mv27) Russia

Releases - Kuwayama-Kijima
kuwayama - kijima / st (cd by gg records) JP
kuwayama - kijima / 00.10.17 (7 inch by 20 city) New zealand
kuwayama - kijima with matthew heyner / 02.02.18 (cd-r by boxmedia) USA
kuwayama - kijima / 01.05.10 (cd by alluvial recordings) USA
kuwayama - kijima / 01.06.16 (cd by trente oiseaux) Grmany
kuwayama - kijima / 02.08.31 (cd by trente oiseaux) Grmany
kuwayama - kijima with carter thornton / shrine LP (conduit creations 007) USA


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