toy bizarre + lethe / kdi dctb 115a - 000731

(7 inch by 20 city New Zealand/JP)

1.kdi dctb 115a - toy bizarre using material from lethe
2.000731 - lethe using material from toy bizarre

With a 15 year history of sound making Toy.Bizarre is also one of the main people behind the KAON organization, a group which specialises in releasing works and planning live shows by electro-acoustic/concrete noise artists. Residing in Limoges, France toy.bizarre has created some breathtaking recordings through the manipulation of collected pieces of sound from his environment.

Lethe is the project of Nagoya resident Kiyoharu Kuwayama. A multi-talented instrumentalist (cello, guitar, hand-made machines, electronics) who runs his own Pale Disks label releasing inprovised music/noise CDs of various groups and solo projects he is involved with. He also organises the annual week-long Lethe-Voice Festival in Nagoya which brings together a diverse collection of Japanese and international sound makers.

kdi dctb 115a/000731 is a reworking (via mail) of each artists sounds by the other. Toy.Bizarre creates a powerful and harmonious bowed drone which gently fades in, is stripped of its power, then abruptly falls to minute crackling and buzzing in beautific TB fashion. Some haunting amusement park tones follow and gently close the side out. Likewise, Lethe has taken toy.bizarre's sound samples and created a warehouse orchestration of rattling and grating sounds combined with a healthy backbone of wind-style drone. A smooth piece reflecting the crafty instrumentation of Kuwayama's other projects. Fans of either artist should definately own this release.

TOY.BIZARRE + LETHE - KDI DCTB 115A / 000731 (7"by 20city)

This record is the result of a mailcollaboration. Side A is by Toy.Bizarre, using material by Lethe. It starts with a dense drone of strings that slowly loses body and almost vaporises,then some clicks and a clonck and we're left with a qiuet crackling, thatgets richer in texture afterwards. Then some weird tones are added and the piece sounds completely electronic and slowly drifts away. A very warm and gentle piece and very well done. Side B is the other way around of course:Lethe manipulating material by Toy.Bizarre. The track starts with sounds soaring through space to which a low drone is added later. Then on top of this short sounds are placed and manipulated. Everything changes slowly and gets tenser. Then it just fades away. A crafty piece of work in a very good mix. (MR) vital weekly