Lethe / Catastrophe Point #1 & #2 ( 2CD COS05.01 Swiss )

disc 1 - Catastrophe Point #1
disc 2 - Catastrophe Point #2

These sound bodies were recorded in a place which has a special reverberation inside a deserted huge grain storage house which was built 50 years ago located in Nagoya, Japan.
The sound sources were mainly junk and the building itself that were reconstructed as a experiment to exceed a certain critical line.

"No.20 Warehouse" was at thw center of many of kiyoharu kuwayama's projects up until 2004. The reverberant acoustics of the old disused grain storage building ( and interior, which resembled"The Zone" depicted in Tarkovsky's film Stalker ), With this double CD release, the building itself sounds as if it had been invoked to make a final statement in conjunction with various metal object, stones, and judiciously implemented instrumentation and electronic tones conjured up by sonic sorcerer Kuwayama in a hypnogogictrance. A mysterious and surreal immersion of moderately apocalyptic proportions. ( By Dale Lloyd )