Leif Elggren - Kwayama Kiyoharu - brent gutzeit / International Art Exhibition
( 3 inch cdr by boxmedia USA )
limited edition 3" CDR featuring exclusive tracks from Leif Elggren, Kuwayama Kiyoharu/lethe, and brent gutzeit - - - limited edition of 50 - - comes with 3 computer prints from the exhibition international art exhibition
september 6th 2002
heaven gallery..............1550 n. milwaukee ave. - chicago
leif elggren / kuwayama kiyoharu / brent gutzeit
international art exhibition at heaven gallery. swedish sound artist and co-founder of the kindoms of elgaland-vargaland, leif elggren is showing a series of drawings/prints. japanese sound artist and organizer of the lethe-voice festival, kuwayama kiyoharu is showing prints and brent gutzeit is showing monoprints and a few new drawings.