kneale - kuwayama / bottom of the motorway
(10 inch lathe cut record by pale - disc Japan)
campbell kneale : violin.per,voice,metals
kuwayama kiyoharu : viola.per,voice,metals
recorded at the bottom of the highway route 302 01.12.17

Don't you love a sense of humor? The Kneale-Kuwayama CDR bottom of the motor way (Pale-Disc) is a recording of two clowns playing under a motorway . Improve,of couse.There's a lotta clumsy clammering with metal an' badminton rackets, there's the droning violin an' vocal om-ing, someone screams(scared by a bug,most likely) an' shifts more junk around.Oh,and a trumpet.The mood seems to be solemn an' serious. All the while,you can hear the traffic bearing down overhead.It's pretty laughable. if they'd decided to rock it,you know,drums an' guitars,maybe it would have succeeded. but as two artists recording a timeless organic,improvizational field recording, it ain't no Schwartzwaldfahrt .Not by an eon. The other thing that made me chuckle was the statement on the back "original release edition of fifty copies lathe-cut ten-inch." bananafish Magazine